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Red Barn is known for building the right team for your project.  As telecom poles require replacing and can require 100's of projects in production simultaneously, we build a team that has bulk pricing with key teaming partners that keep the overhead low for our clients.  We can guarantee complete permit packages ready for submittal within 30 days of request throughout the nation.

Our structured teaming is built on a screening process for our sub-consultants that identifies key constraints.  We then build redundancy for services.  We coordinate with the Owner, PM, and sub-consultants to develop cost-structures to lower costs for bulk purchase as well as construction costs. 

Here are our options in making Red Barn your go-to team for getting permits done quickly: 

  • Project Management 

  • Trenchless Designs

  • Bulk Pricing for Locates, Survey, Electrical, and Potholing

  • ROW Permits

  • Specifications 

  • Ability to handle 100's of sites simultaneously

  • Cost Structures for 30-day, 60-day, and 90-day Submittals

Telecom services in addition to 5G:

  • Environmental Services (NEPA/SEPA, ESA, etc. throughout the nation)

  • Civil Engineering Cell Towers

  • Construction Management for Tower Construction, Critical Areas, and Utility Duct Banks

  • Electrical Engineering

Red Barn has been working on an on-call basis with multiple carriers throughout Seattle.  Red Barn's specialty is dry utility design and coordination.  We understand key issues that arise with pole replacement as well as interagency coordination required.  Our client's have rated us with exceptional ratings.  We are 3rd party approved through Avetta for our project quality management, safety, and financial stability.  We are set up to handle large volumes of work.

Our current projects are with the following carriers:

  • Verizon 

  • AT&T