Red Barn has very qualified staff to lead large projects for transit and transportation projects.  We have our team structured such that construction management and constructability reviews are done throughout the project and even through looking over submittals and RFI responses from the contractor.  

Red Barn can deliver by having a team led with construction managers and inspectors with over 20 years of experience in heavy civil construction.  They know how to get the job coordinated, reviewed, and keeping the construction going.  

Our primary focus is on bringing the right team to the project.  Darin Stephens leads the division and was the supervisory construction manager for five of Seattle Department of Transportation's mega-bridge projects.  He knows how to lead a team and oversee with clean audits.  

We offer the following services (for all delivery methods):

  • Resident Engineering

  • Construction Engineering

  • Construction Inspection

  • Environmental Compliance

  • Design-Build Project Management

  • CMC Lead Team

  • Agency Permit Approvals (WSDOT Traffic and Design)

  • NPDES Project Specific Approvals

  • Construction Management Certified Staff

  • OSHA-10 HR Trained Staff

  • CESCL/Monitoring

  • ISO Quality Management Certified for Design-Build and Design

  • Avetta Approved

  • Claims Support

  • Quality Control

  • Stormwater/Waste Water Inspection

  • Civil Design (Stormwater, Utilities, Roadway, etc. using Microstation)


Sound Transit Lynnwood Link Extension, Lynnwood, WA

The Red Barn Team has really stepped up on this project and helped with getting approvals for civil, environmental compliance, and structural inspection.  We are on the CMC Team and are providing resources as needed to the team.  Plus we are having fun being part of this monumental project!

"Red Barn is doing a great job for PGH Wong Engineering on Lynnwood Link.  Put them on your team."

- Mike Motil PM

Sound Transit Lynnwood Link GC/CM, PGH Wong Inc.

"I am impressed with the Red Barn staff that are on my project.  They are extremely qualified, responsive, and great to work with.  Red Barn staff is leading coordination efforts with two cities, the state DOT and multiple third parties."

- Ginger Ferguson, Sound Transit 

Lynnwood Link 200 Project Manager