The Red Barn staff has a thorough understanding of regulatory compliance related to critical areas throughout the nation.  The environmental division has wetland and fish biologists that hold many certifications and are dedicated to understanding the impacts from the built environment to developing mitigation plans including off-site feasibility, planting, and property acquisition support.  

Mitigation can be complex as many areas no longer have available mitigation bank space. Hence it takes looking at the project constraints, property acquisition, and research to develop the mitigation plan that our team knows well.  Our team is here to keep your project moving.  We identify mitigation strategies upfront to allow the Owner and team to be prepared throughout the permit process.

Our staff has worked with the key shareholders with the USFWS, States' Ecological Divisions, EPA, local jurisdictions, transit authorities, and Army Corp of Engineers.  Our environmental team also assists municipalities with MS4 permit compliance.

Our staff have the certifications and qualifications for your project:

  • WSDOT Senior BA author

  • Wetland Delineation

  • Culvert Replacement

  • Stream/Fish Design

  • Murrelet Monitoring

  • Fish Exclusion/Electroshocking

  • Mitigation Design & Analysis

  • MS4 Compliance

  • Environmental Compliance

  • CM Environmental Compliance

  • Monitoring

  • CESCL Certified

Barrett Rd Sandusky, OH

Barrett Road Culvert Replacement, Sandusky, OH ​​

This project required flagging of the wetland that was connected to Lake Erie through the railroad culvert.  It then connects to a large system of ditches on the opposite side of the road.  Red Barn was requested to provide the permitting for the culvert design that discharges to the submerged area within the OHWM.  

This project was a lot of fun as it was on the coast and we worked with John Hancock Associates.