Red Barn is excited about new partnerships in doing great work.  We are paving a new way for partnerships with our team mentoring small businesses, as well as finding key partners for our strategic growth.  

Our goal is simple - do great work with great teams.  We work hard at cultivating relationships and finding new relationships for our partners.  We also help in recruiting, project management, and making sure the projects stay on schedule and budget.  

WBE/DBE Collaboration:

At Red Barn, we are different.  We take pride in doing our work and have brought leaders in our core division areas so that when we team with you, it's a strong team.  We bring strong project management, and our division leads are trained to run each division as their own company.  So what do we provide to our partners?  We provide education to the project managers on how the business works.  It's like getting a micro-MBA when you get to work with our team as we establish the following with our partners:

  • Interview Preparation

  • Marketing Review

  • Project Management (Scope and Budget for large multi-disciplinary teams)

  • Client Relationship Building

  • Cash Flow Analysis

  • How to Handle Fast Growth

  • Culture Development

  • Engaging the Whole Team

  • Agency Approvals

  • Permitting Strategies

  • How to Mentor Small Businesses

  • How to Manage the Contractor

  • State-of-the-Art Safety Program for Consultants

  • Quality Control Process (internally and on multi-disciplinary teams)


Sound Transit Lynnwood Link

Red Barn was initially brought on for CM inspection, but was quickly recognized by our partners that we could recruit for the project.  We recruited key staff of the Lynnwood Link project for the CM team as well as got permits moving with the local agencies and WSDOT.  Our team has a vested interest in the overall success and will go the extra mile.  Darin Stephens leads the CM Division and is instrumental in finding the right person for the task.