Red Barn Engineering, Inc. is a certified SB/WOSB. Our staff has extensive experience working on Army Corp of Engineers (Corp), NAVFAC NW, and USFWS projects.  We are experienced in design-build projects and provide quick designs during the RFP stage and can help navigate the requirements.


Our military experience includes the following:

  • AT/FP for Facilities

  • Site Development (drainage experts)

  • Sanitary Sewer Upgrades, Studies, and Design

  • Water Modeling, Upgrades, and Design

  • Stormwater Drainage (Water Quality & Conveyance)

  • Hardstand Design

  • Pump Station Evaluation and Upgrades

  • Groundwater Wellhead Protection Plans

  • Fire Flow Analysis 

  • Trenchless Pipe Replacement

  • Earthquake Resistant Ductile Iron Pipe (ERDIP) Replacement

  • Barracks, BEQs, Housing, Bat Ops, Firing Range, Dining Facilities, Medical Office, etc. Fast-turnaround on design-build projects.

Design-Build Transportation

Our civil, environmental, and water resources divisions provide the following:

  • Wetland Delineation

  • Environmental Compliance during Construction

  • Microstation Design

  • Stormwater Analysis using DOT manuals

  • Optimized Stormwater Designs for Cost

  • Stream Design

  • Culvert Design

  • Bus Station Site Plan

  • Overseeing Plantings and Bond Performance

  • RFP Preparation Support 

Construction Management - Design-Build

Our Construction Management Division has experience on large bridge projects and rail/bus transit.  We provide the following:

  • DBPM

  • Constructability Review

  • Environmental Compliance

  • Stormwater/Waste Water Inspection

  • Scheduling

  • Documentation 

Sound Transit Bus Base North

Sound Transit Bus Base North

Red Barn is currently working on the Sound Transit Bus Base North in the Bothell area.  We are providing environmental compliance, stormwater/ wastewater inspection, and natural resource protection.  We are part of the DBPM Team.  Kristin Murray and Rebekah Weston are supporting this effort!