COVID 19: Engaged

Everyday at Red Barn we pick a theme for how we are going through the COVID 19 virus together. Today's theme is Engaged. As we watch the world around us change, we need to stay engaged in what we can do to keep ourselves healthy and interactive as well as follow directions from the CDC and other sources.

Today within our workplace, we need to be engaged as we work from home and to our projects to keep them going - so we can economically support ourselves. When Seattle engages in shelter-in-place, it is time to make sure that our process is working well and that we know how to engage with one another.

Let's be kind to one another, inspire one another, and keep engaged with the news, so that we can make it through this crisis. Also, it does not hurt to reach out to your neighbors and ask how they are doing.

Inspiring Story: Our family is making a "Happy Birthday" sign on the fence for our neighbor since she cannot see her kids as she is living with someone that is at-risk for COVID 19. It's the small things that matter and have big impacts.

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