Barrett Road Culvert Replacement

Red Barn Engineering environmental staff conducted a wetland and ordinary high water mark (OHWM) delineation, evaluated wetlands and streams according to Ohio Department of Natural Resources wetland and stream rating manuals, and prepared the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) nationwide permit and Coastal Zone Management (CMZ) permit for replacement of an undersized culvert under Barrett Road, Sandusky, Ohio.

The key staff involved with this project were: Kristin Murray (PWS), Rob Fritz, Rebekah Weston, and Seth Rackley.  We teamed locally with John Hancock Associates for survey.   

Barrett Rd Sandusky.jpg

Red Barn Engineering Services

  • OHWM delineation

  • USACE nationwide permit

  • CMZ permit

"Kristin has the ability to see the big picture and to get environmental permits in place.  She is thorough and can navigate regulations and standards to ensure all facets of a project are addressed.  As a client, she makes it easy to comply with state and federal regulations, while giving us the peace of mind that our bases are covered."

- Josh Snyder, City of Sandusky, Assistant City Engineer