Rebekah Weston


Owner/Principal Civil Engineer

Rebekah is proficient in stormwater, surface water modeling, and permitting for all types of projects from small to large transit jobs.  She has been the civil engineer on many award-winning jobs, saving wetlands and fish, as well as solving advanced flooding problems.  Her background in advanced mathematics and porous mediums allows her to evaluate and design custom media mixes from industrial sites to chitosan filters for large transit erosion control projects. She leads the team at Red Barn, getting your project moving.

Rebekah is committed to developing and driving a firm that structures projects, talent, schedules, and technology on civil engineering, environmental, and construction management jobs throughout the nation. She has developed a training program which equips her staff in the following disciplines:  stormwater infrastructure (LID/green & industrial), utility design (water, sewer, storm, and gas), dry utility coordination (SCL, PSE, Comcast, CenturyLink, Verizon, AT&T, & Frontier), permits, roadway/ paving (SDOT & WSDOT), and site development coordination. Rebekah prides herself and her team on providing innovative solutions to permitting issues that involve complex sites and multi-jurisdiction coordination. She has been the lead civil engineer and obtained all the land development permits on over 500 projects.